Maintenance is important to ensure your heating system runs efficiently, remains under warranty, and lasts a lifetime. We recommend regular maintenance of  your boiler and heating systems.

Regular maintenance prevents last minute heating system break downs leaving you without heating while you wait several weeks for a repair company to fix the problem.

Boiler systems servicing

Regular servicing of the boiler that supports your heating system will lower your running costs. Maintenance involves stripping the boiler apart, cleaning the internal components and checking it is operating correctly and safely.

Boiler replacements

A well-maintained boiler will last 15 to 20 years, depending on the product quality.  We replace existing boilers or those that are deemed to be close to the end of their life.

Flushing of heat systems

Power flushing of central heating systems is required approximately every six years to ensure they are running efficiently. This involves cleaning of the heat source , and clearing sludge or rust build up in the central heating radiators and pipework that we install. Regular maintenance keeps your heating product running at optimum throughout your home, prevents untimely breakdowns and ensures your product will last.

Our maintenance plan

We offer our customers a maintenance plan for carefree management of their heating system. Regular preventable maintenance keeps your system running efficiently, ensures its longevity and importantly ensures that warranties are maintained. Most new products require ongoing maintenance to meet a warranty. Customers on our maintenance plan receive a timely reminder to book a maintenance session to ensure they avoid winter heating breakdowns.

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