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Get a healthier & more comfortable home

Our quality central heating systems create warm healthy homes by providing even distribution of heat and clean draught-free heating through the home.

We install high quality European radiators in a range of sizes and products to suit different spaces in the home, and we custom design a heating plan for your home with a range of options to consider.   

Our radiator heating systems are suitable for renovations, heating system conversions, fitting into existing homes and new builds. Radiators heat quickly, providing radiated and convected heat, resulting in clean, silent, and draught-free warmth. 

Our systems use the circulation of warm water from a boiler through a network of pipes or underfloor heating systems to radiator panels and heated towel rails. This is known as hydronic or radiant heating. 

The benefits of hydronic central heating include a cleaner environment, with reduced dust circulation as no warm air is blown in the home – helpful for those affected by asthma and allergies – and reduced condensation problems. 

These systems also offer the flexibility to heat the whole house or set selected rooms to different temperatures at different times of the day, through a programmable thermostatically controlled.


Brugman radiators from Belgium are our premium brand steel panel radiator and beautifully finished to a high standard. Being constructed from pressed steel they are also durable in the case of accidental impact. Available in 400mm, 600mm, 1800mm or 2000mm high, 68mm or 102mm thick and up to 2400mm long.


The stylish, retro DeLonghi Multicolonna column radiators suit both contemporary and traditional settings.

  • 2-6 columns deep
  • Lengths to 2786mm
  • Heights to 3000mm
  • Horizontal and vertical models available


Blitz alloy radiators are a clean modern design made in Italy by the Fondital Group. They are available in 350mm or 600mm heights by an infinite range of lengths thanks to their modular construction.


At Flow, we can supply a range of Designer radiators made by leading European radiator manufacturer Radox. These eye-catching radiators combine thermal efficiency and aesthetics to complement interior design or act as a focal point and are available on special order.


Smooth linear lined steel panel radiator for contemporary looks.

  • 25 year functional warranty
  • 8 port radiator
  • Integral thermostatic valve
  • F7 easy fit brackets included
  • Very high quality European manufactured
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