Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the most discrete and comfortable form of central heating. ​Underfloor heating works by producing radiant heat which is evenly distributed from the floor and warms the room from the ground up


With underfloor heating producing radiant heat – comfort tends to be felt sooner and at a lower temperature. There is minimal air flow, keeping the temperature comfortable and even, everywhere in the room.



Underfloor heating is a totally dust free, allergen free form of heating making it ideal for medical conditions such as asthma.


Radiator Central and Underfloor Heating has the ability to warm up and cool down quickly. It is an ideal heat for New Zealand’s seasonal temperatures. Heating a room by both radiant and convection, it creates a more comfortable heat.

Cost Efficient

A radiator heating system will cost around 20% less to operate than a ducted system in a house with 2.7m ceilings. Those homes with higher ceilings will see even greater cost savings of around 30-40%.

Renovate / New / Retrofit

When there is access below the floor, underfloor heating is the simplest and least invasive to install.


Underfloor heating systems also allows a minimalist design, providing heating that cannot be seen.


An underfloor and radiator central heating system gives you the flexbility to heat the whole house, or heat different rooms, to different temperatures, at different times of the day.

What fuel does underfloor heating run on?

An underfloor system can be heated by a boiler or air to water heat pump and the energy source is decided by the cheapest available fuel in your region e.g; natural gas, LPG, diesel or wood. The choice of a wood burning boiler (wetback on a large wood fire), however requires effort on your part to keep the wood fire burning constantly.

Does the diesel or gas travel through the floor?

No, the fuel is used to heat water which is then circulated through the floor.

Can I use the system to heat my hot water for showers or to heat my pool?

Yes, we have the ability to use the heat source for more than one job. The advanced control systems allow the boiler to start on demand for each duty and produce the right temperature water for each job.

How do I control my underfloor heating system to turn on and off?

We can supply a range of control options from programmable thermostats (which control the slab temperature) to the more advanced temperature compensated solutions which measure the outside temperature and pre-emptively modulate the system up and down.

Are there any types of floors not suitable with underfloor central heating?

Underfloor heating works best with a concrete floor structure. Wood is a great insulator so we recommend radiator heating for houses with wooden floor structures.

Will the heated floor also heat my house?

Yes, the floor radiates heat upward into the room keeping the space at a comfortable temperature.

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